Team Trials 04’13 : Event Report

Mahindra Adventure Logo SmallThe brisk cool breeze through the day and cloud cover made it just perfect for the days program.
Competitors and their supporters started driving in by ten o’clock by which time the “O” Team had the track all laid out, marked and flagged. Thanks to untiring efforts of Harmeet Gill, Gunpreet Sawhney Ravi Sharma Nitin Jaspal Ruben Grewal things were ready to roll.
In the meanwhile as each group of competitors arrived they were “eyed” closely by those present. After all it was team trial competition and checking out the competition is part of the fun.

DSCN0336A drivers briefing kicked off the event proper imparting information and clearing any doubts by the teams or the crews on any rules and layout. It had been decided to run each challenge based on draw of lots so as not to favour any team by being first or last on to an obstacle. There were seven challenges planned but order of the day was to do as many as possible withing allotted time span.
The first challenge was combination of slush Y plus log crossing. The simple looking obstacle was not so simple as side ways turn through slush with ruts was only possible with right combination of power, vehicle line and proper tyres. Only two teams were able to complete the challenge and rest had to be contend with “scratch time”63
The next was the “Trail” – a combination of drops and dips and jumps and pond and sand and more drops and more jumps. A recce of trail was done to let teams know the way. Trail itself was marked with red and yellow flags through out to denote right and left side of the track. Right from word go teams realised that the innocent looking trail was not so easy. Punishing the car could only lead to breakdown as two teams learn’t to their disappointment.
A short break for lunch and water was happily accepted by all. This also gave breather to machines and support crew to maintain them for challenges ahead.
The third challenge was articulation speed way. Full of small and big and not so small and some very big ditches and pot holes the speedway tested the talent of drivers to navigate while using help from equipment on board like spare tyres etc. The engrossing passage of each team was supported by all sort of advice and shouted suggestions from the crowd who were also participating with full gusto. The speed way ended in a small patch of straight slush.5
By the time the three of seven challenges were over teams had enough for the day and with time coming for close the winners were drawn up based on the three completed challenges.
Team Gerrari Offroaders Chandigarh won the team trophy
Kabir Waraich & Vikas Bali and their spotters won the first team prize. The event wound down with some beer and cool drinks to compensate for the sweat and mud splattered clothes. Team photos and special action shots were re-created by some participants who clearly wanted more.