Want to get UNCAGED?

Set your alarms and note it in your appointment books. Mark it as the most priority date. Yes. On Saturday, October 20th, Off road action would be buzzing near Chandigarh at the specially created MAHINDRA ADVENTURE 4×4 Track

U N C A G E D is back!!!


Overview of the minimalist rules:

  • Entry fee Rs3500/vehicle
  • The vehicle may have one or maximum two people on board.
  • Multiple entries allowed. You may do multiple entries to improve your chances of winning. Second entry on-wards fee is Rs3000 per vehicle.
  • Individually timed challenges to be run. Accumulated time of all counting towards classifications.
  • Each challenge will have “Par Time” that would be put as score in case a vehicle is not able to complete the challenge.
  • Knocking out flag marker will be penalized @10seconds/marker

The detailed rules will be appended in couple of days. Trills of mud, slush, sand and rocks to be driven through. Come and conquer it all in your 4×4.

To enter click here for online registrations.