The Tricks

Listed below in list of tricks that will be thrown at you at various UNCAGED events. The list is by no mean complete or comprehensive as we’d like to keep a few surprises in stire for you.

Slush pit:

Straight forward. A pit with water and slush. All you have to do is drive in from one end and out of the other. Simple? Well the variations like entry/exit inclines, sudden drops, ditches, depth and turns add to the spice. Expect the unexpected. More than one slush and pit combination would be thrown at you.

Schematic layout of a typical slush pit challenge:

Heap & Humps:

Engaging 4×4 to climb up a slippery slope is a tricky business when the slope is loose or no run up is available or incline is formidable or…..or other endless variations are thrown in.

Rock crawling:

Going over uneven rocky surfaces needs very precise spotting. Getting a timely correction on steering input can mean difference is in success or a beached vehicle. Articulation limits and tyre grip can be put to test.

Schematic layout of a typical rock crawl:

Log crossing:

Crossing a large pit just driving over two logs! You need to get it precise. Again role of spotter and team work. Hauling up the logs to placing them correctly to crossing over.

Articulation ramps:

Testing the ability to keep you vehicle straight and in traction while you cross a series of articulation ramps. Spotter and driver need to be in cahoots to get this correct.

Schematic layout of a typical articulation ramp challenge:

Steep in and steeper out:

A sharp slope followed by sharper incline. Let us see how good the angle of attack and angle of departure your vehicle can manage. And even more are you able to bring your skills to work?

Water wall:

Driving through water wall and over a narrow ledges. Sounds fun to ous. Can you keep up to it?

Fire spouts:

Not for faint hearted. Drive over a very hot spout of flame. Be sure you do not harm your baby by stalling it and inopportune time.

Sounds fun? Expect more at