U N C A G E D 1012 ! ! !

Guys (and gals too) have a blast participating in a new format 4×4 bash on Saturday, October 20th, 2012. Beyond just the off road driving this is a opportunity for all offroad fun lovers to participate and have network with other like minded souls and learn a thing or two about off-road credo.

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October 20, 2012

Meet. Connect. Exchange. Improve. Discuss. Ideat, Shoot. Videograph. Share knowledge. See passion. And get some secrets too!

U N C A G E D brings to you second edition of unbelievable 4×4 high. Get ready for  Saturday October 20, 2012. Yes! That is the date for our next off road bash. Event Links:

Absorb the growls of roaring engines. Screech tyres as they try to find a grip. Smell the smoke of burnt clutch. Hear the expletives turning the air blue. See the ropes pulled out and broken. Enjoy a snack admist the chaos. A unique chance to get cosy with your machine and show the world how well you are in sync with your heart throb.

This is not just 4×4 Off road driving. This is competition. Driving against the other competitors and coming up tops! The thrill in competing with other teams adds to the urgency to your actions. Timed runs and penalties for knocking off markers is a further cause of adrenalin pumping heart stopping moments.

To be held at specially created and crafted Mahindra Adventure 4×4 Track just outside of Chandigarh. Trills of mud, slush, sand and rocks to be driven through. Come and conquer it all in your 4×4.

G E T    U N C A G E D!

Meet us all on Saturday October 20, 2012